About Me

Trevor Ayers in CaboI’ve been executing SEM campaigns for three years and have what I feel to be a solid understanding of the various disciplines of SEM including SEO, text ads, display ads and remarketing. I’ve acquired my intellectual arsenal through being fortunate enough to work with excellent mentors as well as consistently employing my drive and curiosity for uncovering the Internet’s little secrets to help me continue to celebrate success in my career.

Some of what you read will be speculation and conjecture, but I will try to label this material accordingly. I base my theories on facts for which I back with demonstrable evidence in any assertion. Mainly, I want to use this site as a platform to make useful information more digestible for those not trying to decipher code – software, Web or otherwise.

Yes, I want to provide mostly technical tips, but I want them to be easily referenced via search and I want them to be executable by anyone visiting the site.

I’m shooting for aweSEM advice; let me know how I’m doing.