Which Social Media Links Does Google Like?

Which Social Media Links Does Google LikeLinks still benefit SEO. There are no better backlinks than those that have the potential of driving actual traffic such as social media links. Below are results reviewing many popular social channels for search engine, or SEO, signals and not visitor click-through value, sharing etc. Most of these social networks are new profiles, so the value at current is mainly limited to what SEO value the social media links Google and the other search engines follow to improve rankings. This infancy made for a test free of many variables. So, which social media links does Google like?

How I Tested

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Top 5 Rank Tracking Platforms

There are hundreds (thousands?) of rank tracking platforms that you can use, so I’m certain I haven’t tried them all, but of those I have used I wanted to provide my top 5 rank tracking platforms. These aren’t in any order because all have pros and cons. There are also no affiliate links here; I don’t make any money off this site. I’ve used some rank tracking platforms that have now been shuttered such as RavenTools, so hopefully this list is current to late 2014.

These Are My Top 5 Rank Tracking Platforms

  1. SEO Book Rank Checker. This is
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Do Image Alt Attributes Work for SEO

With the increasing complexity of search engine algorithms it is difficult to know what has been devalued or gained in importance in terms of on-site optimization. There is often debate on the importance of image alt attribute, and many wonder if image alt attributes still work for SEO. I can say with confidence, and provide examples below, that image alt attributes do indeed still work for SEO. In fact, they are arguably one of the most important on-site elements you can optimize because they open your website up to a new vertical in search engine results for “image” searches.… Read More

Non WWW to WWW .htaccess Redirect

This task becomes more insignificant as search engines continue to evolve and become more sophisticated. Canonical tags are the largest step toward making this an unnecessary task, but as an SEO best practice it’s worth five minutes of your time to assist the proper indexation of your site.

Why do I need the non-www to www redirect?

With all the unique files and paths to these files on the Web it’s easy for a crawler to see the below as two separate files:

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SEO Basics – Your Guide to Better On-Page Optimization

Admittedly, this post isn’t comprehensive of all aspects of on-page optimization, but I will expound on the SEO basics for you to execute a successful Internet marketing campaign. In Practicing brevity with this post I hope to arm my readers with the basic, foundational elements that will help search engines crawl your site and prove relevancy for your target keywords.

Improving your on-page optimization can improve your rankings in search engines and lead to an influx in qualified visits for your site.

SEO Basics

People NOT Bots Will Define Your Success

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