Analytics Code

The Basic Necessities of a Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is a great, though flawed, tool. It has endless potential and can accomplish most of your website tracking goals for the low price of free. Without diving into advanced setup or getting into unique situations I cover the basic necessities of a Google Analytics setup. I do not use Google Tag Manager, which is great, for this example.

The steps below will get you off the ground with accurate tracking and some recommendations of mine for cleaner data in Universal Analytics.

Necessities of a Google Analytics Setup


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Verify Proper Analytics Code Placement

This post quickly details how to verify proper Analytics code placement.

Time would be wasted writing about the importance of Analytics. There are only a handful of website tracking tools and an even smaller number that offer this service for free. Why yes, most agencies who present their own “proprietery” reporting are simply white-labeling data from the free tool Google Analytics. I’m going to skip over what Google covers in the JS code installation section and jump to how you can verify that the code is placed across every page desired on your site.

How to verify proper Analytics

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