Top 5 Google Analytics Filters

Top 5 Google Analytics FiltersAs we all know, Google Analytics is a great Web Analytics and best of all it’s free. I’ve explained the basic necessities of Google Analytics before and you’ll note that there are some filters within that. Google Analytics filters can enhance your tracking and clean your data. There are many filters that are specific to a certain account, but these top 5 Google Analytics filters can benefit any Google Analytics install.

Adding Google Analytics Filters

In case you don’t have any filters you can find them very easily. Log in to your Google Analytics account > Admin tab > Filters… Read More

WordPress Spam Filter Keyword List

Wordpress Spam Filter Keyword ListSpam sucks. People who spam websites suck. That’s why I dug into finding a WordPress Spam filter keyword list. Yes, I also use a Spam blocking plugin. Specifically, I use the stop Spammers registration plugin. Update: I now use WP-Spamshield – much better. This works okay, Akismet is probably better in my experience, but this website makes no money therefore it gets no money. In addition to applying the below provided WordPress Spam filter keyword list I also recommend checking out this official WordPress post for combating Spam. Look, I’ve done all the above and still get … Read More