Does Google Obey Your Robots.txt File Exclusions?

Robots.txt files are commonplace on the Web and standard for most CMS platforms. Even if you don’t know what a robots.txt file is, it is likely that your site has one. As a brief summary, a robots.txt file is a plain-text, or .txt file, that lives in the root directory of your website. This file allows webmasters to give instructions to web robots on how to crawl their site. A site’s robots.txt file can be found at domain.tld/robots.txt. In theory, your robots.txt file will be the first file crawled and web robots will then use these directives on how … Read More

SEO Basics – Your Guide to Better On-Page Optimization

Admittedly, this post isn’t comprehensive of all aspects of on-page optimization, but I will expound on the SEO basics for you to execute a successful Internet marketing campaign. In Practicing brevity with this post I hope to arm my readers with the basic, foundational elements that will help search engines crawl your site and prove relevancy for your target keywords.

Improving your on-page optimization can improve your rankings in search engines and lead to an influx in qualified visits for your site.

SEO Basics

People NOT Bots Will Define Your Success

To this day I am still seeing people volunteering advice to … Read More