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Why Aren’t All My BingAds Clicks Showing in Analytics with UTM Auto Tagging?

Why Aren't All My BingAds Clicks Showing in Analytics with UTM Auto TaggingThere is nothing more frustrating than Web analytics data discrepancies. Particularly with paid ad referrals because you do not want to test in real time and cost yourself a click. No matter the spend. If you’ve been running search campaigns on BingAds you may find yourself asking why aren’t all my BingAds clicks showing in Analytics with UTM auto tagging.

First, I commend BingAds for UTM auto tagging as manually tagging each destination URL was a huge pain point with the platform. Not tracking the visits was foolish even when firing the conversion code at the BingAds platform. However, … Read More

Weather Underground Broken Fix – XBMC (Kodi)

Edit 2: Weather Underground has a full replacement you should get instead called OpenWeatherMap.

Edit:  As a partial alternative to the below, you can install a Weather Underground zip file found here. You will still need to generate the WU API key per instructions below. This key will be added in the new add ons settings. Both solutions work; I suggested picking the one you anticipate being more permanent, but neither should be overwritten in updates. I’m using the below method and not the zip file to help avoid bloat, which my install already suffers from.

Edit 2: … Read More