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Launch Steam From Kodi

Launch Steam From KodiThese instructions to launch Steam from Kodi are an update to my instructions to launch Steam from XBMC. Those instructions still work for XBMC, but Kodi is different. As with everything, there are multiple ways to accomplish a single task; the same is true when looking to launch Steam from Kodi. I will touch on both methods for launching Steam from Kodi. This launches Steam in Big Picture Mode.

The first method to launch Steam from Kodi will require us to add the source for Total XBMC. The reasoning is to install an addon installer addon. This is likely the … Read More

Best XBMC (Kodi) Program Add Ons

This is a list of the best XBMC (Kodi) program add ons based on my humble opinion and extended experience with XBMC (Kodi). Please note that this is not a top list of add ons in general, so you will not find video or music add ons in this list of best XBMC (Kodi) program add ons.

I must preface this with two facts: this list is subjective and I surely haven’t tried every program add on. Not yet, anyway. The best XBMC (Kodi) program add ons are ones that help add to the experience I have with Kodi on … Read More

Seamlessly Launch Steam Big Picture Mode From XBMC (Kodi)


These instrustions to launch Steam big picture mode from XBMC do not work for Kodi, the DO still work for XBMC 13.2 and older. Please visit my resource here to launch Steam from Kodi.

There are many ways to launch Steam Big Picture Mode from XBMC (Kodi) including Angelscry’s versatile Advanced Launcher, but there is another, more efficient, way to seamlessly launch Steam Big Picture Mode from XBMC (Kodi).

Below are the steps to easily launch Steam Big Picture Mode from XBMC (Kodi)

If you are familiar with XBMC (Kodi) then this is low hanging fruit. I want … Read More