XBMC backup addon

Best XBMC (Kodi) Program Add Ons

This is a list of the best XBMC (Kodi) program add ons based on my humble opinion and extended experience with XBMC (Kodi). Please note that this is not a top list of add ons in general, so you will not find video or music add ons in this list of best XBMC (Kodi) program add ons.

I must preface this with two facts: this list is subjective and I surely haven’t tried every program add on. Not yet, anyway. The best XBMC (Kodi) program add ons are ones that help add to the experience I have with Kodi on … Read More

Backup and Restore XBMC (Kodi) With XBMC Backup Add-on

Backup and Restore XBMC (Kodi) With XBMC Backup AddonThis is a quick tutorial on how to backup and restore XBMC (Kodi) with XBMC Backup Add-on. The XBMC backup add-on is a great add-on that will grab your userdata and roaming XBMC (Kodi) folder and log them in a folder of your choice ALL from within the XBMC (Kodi) UI. You can also use this process to backup your XBMC (Kodi) install and migrate it to another machine. As an alternative to this or if you simply want to understand what is being backed up and restored you can check out my post on migrating XBMC settings and install Read More