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How to Disable Shareaholic Ads

How to Disable Shareaholic AdsI’m normally okay with companies generating revenue and especially am so off the free-to-play platform, but with Shareholic, the popular social sharing plugin I still recommend, re-enabling ads after an update once they’ve already been disabled I thought it best to provide an overview for others on how to disable Shareaholic ads.

Why disable Shareaholic Ads

As mentioned, I like the plugin and don’t think that them trying to generate revenue is bad. In fact, there is a profit-sharing ad revenue you can opt into. However, once disabled this should stay disabled and I found random third-party ads on my … Read More

Top 5 Most Useful Chrome Extensions

Top 5 Most Useful Chrome ExtensionsI’ve talked about some great Chrome extensions on my blog before. For example, there is the Chrome extension that I wrote about in the post to spoof your location online. However, in this post on the top 5 most useful Chrome extensions I wanted to cover the extensions that fit a wider array of needs or, perhaps, even identify one that scratches an itch you didn’t know you had.

Of course, some of these are cross-browser and will also work with Firefox etc. However, I’m sticking to Chrome for simplicity… and… I know you use Chrome. C’mon, no need … Read More

CSS Tips for Non-Developers for Basic Site Changes

CSS Tips for Non-Developers for Basic Site ChangesMaking site changes as basic as color can be a huge pain for non-developers if the options are not found in the CMS of choice. The great news is that in 2016 most themes are robust enough to allow for all changes in the WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. UI without knowing a lick of coding. However, there will be a time when you see something on your site that the them doesn’t let you control and you’ll either come to peace with how it is or you’ll start digging for the solution to edit it. Well, that often leads you … Read More

How to Set Up Google AdWords Website Call Forwarding with Google Tag Manager

How to Set Up Google AdWords Website Call Forwarding with Google Tag ManagerGoogle’s documentation on how to set up Google AdWords website call forwarding with Google Tag Manager is surprising light with some glaring omission for these both being Google properties. In fact, Google does support this, but Google’s documentation is missing one key element, which is that the dynamic number replacement is actually supported by Google and therefore, you don’t have to seek out a third-party solution.

It’s also very simple to set up AdWords website call forwarding with Google’s method – it’s just not covered in the documentation!

These are the steps for Google Tag Manager to get your … Read More

How to Spoof Your Location Online

How to Spoof Your Location OnlineFor the sake of sanity, I am only going to cover one method in this how to spoof your location online overview. Clearly, there are a number of solutions.

First, it’s important to understand how a browser, and inevitably, websites you visit know your location. Simply put, a browser uses a number of methods and your IP address is just one of them. This is often referred to as triangulation and it is not limited to mobile or devices with GPS.

Therefore, if you’re VPN/proxy reliant, your actual location may, and probably will, still be available even if your VPN/proxy … Read More

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Improve Load Times

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Improve Load TimesLike any CMS or Web architecture, there will be fast and slow websites. The CMS is a layer that can add some latency, but, fortunately, most CMS platforms have a number of solutions for improving page load times. I’ve played with dozens and these are my top 5 WordPress plugins to improve load times.

First, you want a good arsenal of tools for tracking page load times. I tend to reference the below. It’s always a good idea to run the baseline load time test to have a comparison.

Read More

Track YouTube Videos With Google Tag Manager in WordPress

Track Embedded Videos With Google Tag Manager in WordPressGoogle Tag Manager is extremely powerful. Most website interaction can be tracked without any customization, but, alas  do not pass the interaction values by default. This makes tracking the embedded videos a bit more high-touch. In this post, we’re going to track YouTube videos with Google Tag Manager in WordPress and tie it to applicable events in Google Analytics.

First, to track the embedded videos, we will be using a plugin. I typically hard code the Google Tag Manager code, but this plugin is starting to sway my recommendations. A little. If you do not want to use a plugin … Read More

Add Facebook Conversion Tag with Google Tag Manager

Typically, adding conversion tags such as Facebook’s conversion tag with Google Tag Manager is a breeze. Set up the custom HTML tag, place the conversion script and set the triggers to fire the conversion pixel. However, I found Facebook’s information for the conversion scripts to be fragmented, so I wanted to provide the complete overview here. Now, let’s add the Facebook conversion tag with Google Tag Manager.

Note that you will already need a Google Tag Manager account and you need the container placed on all of your site pages – or at least the pages you want to … Read More

Track Div Clicks in Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has no shortage of functionality, but often the challenge becomes how to unlock this potential. In this post, I will cover how to track div clicks in Google Tag Manager by using the CSS Selector property.

There are many reasons you may need to specify a CSS div as the most descriptive element on a page to pass events to Google Analytics. If no unique class id, anchor text etc. are available it whittles down your options for tracking clicks in Google Analytics, but rest assured that you can track ALL div clicks in Google Tag Manager … Read More

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Top 5 WordPress PluginsWhile I appreciate Joomla and Drupal as well as some of the Niche CMS such as Magento and some on the Windows side WordPress remains my go-to CMS for flexibility and potential. For this reason, I find myself using many WordPress plugins. Through this experience I have found dozens of favorite WordPress plugins. Some have niche use and others can really apply to almost ANY install. For this list of top 5 WordPress plugins I will concentrate on the WordPress plugins that can be used on most any  Wordpress install with great benefit.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Wordpress SEO WordPress Plugin1) WordPress SEORead More