Google Product Listing Ad Fail – PLA Fail

I’ve seen plenty examples of online ads go wrong, but this Google Product Listing Ad Fail (PLA Fail) was so egregiously bad that I couldn’t help, but share.

Check out the below snapshot of the ad. I was shopping around for an ergonomic mouse pad, and to my astonoshment I see a listing for a $1,000 and $500 mouse pad. I posed the question to my social media friends (well, connections really), “who’s in the market for a $1,000 mouse pad?”

Check out the Google Product Listing Ad Fail below:

Google Product Listing Ad Fail - PLA Fail


That’s a Google Product Listing Ad fail if I’ve ever seen one. In reality, the “$1,000 mouse pad” is really 100 mouse pads at $10 each. Pretty clear from the product listing ad, huh? Meanwhile, I click the link to see what the hell is going on and Google takes the money straight to the bank. I’d love to see how this Product Listing Ad was configured to see if it’s advertiser error, but I’m satisfied just to look at this and laugh.



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