How to Play N64 Games on a Mac

Any true gamer with a love for nastalgic activity has asked themselves how do I play N64 games on a Mac. Now, there are probably plenty of N64 emulators for Macs, but the below instructions lead to one that I’ve had great success with. Who doesn’t love Nintendo 64 games?

Steps to play N64 games on a Mac:

1) First you need an emulator player: Download

2) Install Sixty Force – I’d recommend adding this one to your doc! Check out the awesome icon:

Play Nintendo 64 Games Mac

3) Now you need an emulator: Again several sources here, but I recommend Emulator Zone

4) Find your emulator and download. Occasionally you’ll see multiple options for a single title. This is helpful as you’ll discover that not very emulator will play.

5) I’d create a folder to store all your N64 emulators for convenience:

6) Open the file: either find and double-click on the file in Finder or open Sixty force and go to File; Open then find your folder

7) Enjoy some sweet, sweet Nintendo 64.

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