Add Facebook Conversion Tag with Google Tag Manager

Typically, adding conversion tags such as Facebook’s conversion tag with Google Tag Manager is a breeze. Set up the custom HTML tag, place the conversion script and set the triggers to fire the conversion pixel. However, I found Facebook’s information for the conversion scripts to be fragmented, so I wanted to provide the complete overview here. Now, let’s add the Facebook conversion tag with Google Tag Manager.

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Which Social Media Links Does Google Like?

Which Social Media Links Does Google LikeLinks still benefit SEO. There are no better backlinks than those that have the potential of driving actual traffic such as social media links. Below are results reviewing many popular social channels for search engine, or SEO, signals and not visitor click-through value, sharing etc. Most of these social networks are new profiles, so the value at current is mainly limited to what SEO value the social media links Google and the other search engines follow to improve rankings. This infancy made for a test free of many variables. So, which social media links does Google like?

How I Tested

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