Optical Drive Not Showing as Drive in My Computer Windows

A came across an annoying issue where my optical drive was not showing as a drive in my computer on a Windows machine.  The solution to this issue was a bit obscure, so I thought I’d spell it out for future users facing the issue of their optical drive not showing as drive in my computer in windows.

What Does the Optical Drive Not Showing as Drive in My Computer Windows Issue Look Like?

In Windows, when you open “My Computer” you should see your optical drive even if there is no disc in your machine. Below is how … Read More

How to Remove Finding Discount From Windows

How to Remove Finding Discount From WindowsThis walk through on how to remove Finding Discount from Windows will be effective at removing most adware and malware. Finding Discount, or findingdiscount.exe, was a particularly annoying piece of adware for me due to embedding so many registry files and polluting my machine and browsers.


How Did You Get Finding Discount on Your Machine?

When downloading other software you did want Finding Discount was bundled. Always avoid blindly clicking “next” while installing an application. Also, always choose custom installation to avoid adware and malware such as Finding Discount being installed on your machine. If you want an example … Read More

How to Hook Up Wireless XBox Controller to PC

**These instructions are old. If you’ve installed the Windows 10 August 2020 update follow the instructions in this video**

Unfortunately, when I was looking into how to hook up a wireless XBox controller to a PC it was far less than intuitive and there were limited and varying resources. These steps for getting your wireless XBox controller connected to PC will work for Windows 7 and 8.1 guaranteed. The screen shots will be for a Windows 8.1 machine.

What you Need to Hook Up Wireless XBox Controller to PC

  • Wireless XBox 360 controller (there are no drivers nor adapter
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Add Custom XBMC Splash Screen to Windows Machine

Adding a custom XBMC splash screen is easy, but I, too, needed a resource to locate the root file. These instructions are for a Windows machine, but should apply to most XBMC installs on most machines.

What’s the XBMC splash screen? It’s the opening intro you may or may not see for a long time based on the speed of your machine.

  1. Grab yourself a high-resolution custom flash screen for XBMC. The one I used can be found on XBMC’s wiki here.
    Add Custom XBMC Splash Screen
  2. Make sure you have “show hidden files” enabled in your OS
  3. Navigate to the below
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Rip DVDs to Your Computer

Here’s a walk through on how to rip DVDs to your computer. Simple task here, but many don’t know how to do it or do it the wrong way. So here you go.

These instructions work good for me because I output as MP4 meaning I can use these in iTunes and send to the AppleTV for home media delight.

What you need:

  • A computer (duh)
  • A DVD (double-duh)
  • Handbrake


1) Download Handbrake

2) Insert your DVD

3) Close default movie player

4) Open Handbrake

5) Find your movie’s file name in the window that opens with Handbrake. Open … Read More